IT Infrastructure consulting

We help our clients achieve the best value out of their IT infrastructure by lowering their support costs and improving reliability and resilience to disaster and mistakes. Specifically we assist by:

  • Server Consolidation - Typical consolidation ratios range from 20:1 to 50:1 on modern hosts.
  • Storage Consolidation - Consolidate storage using tiered (High/Medium performance) solutions
    Mid range storage solutions can be 10X less expensive per TB.
  • Automation - Many operations can be continuously monitored for health and status
  • Improved Disaster Recovery - Design of public or private cloud based DR solutions using world class data centers
  • Reduce cost - Reduce vendor lock-in with standards based solutions, and using Open-Source where possible

How specifically can you help my company?

Please contact us for a free consultation about how virtualization can reduce costs and improve reliability of your IT environment. We have provided many of the details below that we would be glad to discuss with you.

Please also visit Lee's Blog, Publication and Howto site.

Virtualization (Server Consolidation)

Server Virtualization is already proven and used almost exclusively by the Fortune 500 companies. Recently server virtualization solutions are being re-packaged and made easier and less expensive to implement in small or mid-sized business. Typically you can expect to virtualize 90% or more of your servers that don't require special adapter cards. Yes even SAP, Oracle, SQL server, and Exchange loads can be run, though some of those require special consideration.

Summary of Virtualization benifits

  • Improved Availability - Hardware failures no longer cause issues, and can be fixed at your leasure.

  • Reduced Support costs - Manage 3X as many hosts per staff member or more

  • Be Greener - Significantly reduce power and cooling costs.

  • Responsive - Provision new servers in minutes

  • Disaster Recover - Be prepared for any disaster with cloud DR recovery in 15 minutes

For companies with existing virtual solutions we offer checkup and optimization support. For more details on virtualization click here.

Shared Storage (for Virtualization)

Server Virtualization generally requires use of shared storage solutions. If you are moving to virtual servers you most likely will need shared storage of some format.

Advantages of Shared storage

  • Ease of provisioning - Allocate large blocks of storage to virtual servers as needed. Change allocation on-the-fly.

  • Improved Availabily - Generally storage controllers are redundant, network connections are redundant, and units can tolerate up to two disk failures without losing data using RAID-10, RAID-50, or similar approaches

  • Replication - By using local snapshots and then replicating those deltas, a remote unit can be kept in sync over an WAN connection