IT Support for Small/Mid sized business.

Download Links

Since most of the software we use is freely available we have included links to some of our favorites. This is only a small subset of the software we recommend to clients

The primay reason for switching to Thuderbird and Firefox listed below is that they protect your PC from being infected by virus/worms. This is becuase most viri today are written assuming that you are running IE and/or Outlook and exploit the known problems of those packages.

The recommended lockdown for IE is to shut off Active-X extensions, but FireFox does not support Active-X out of the box



Asterisk PBX

The Asterisk PBX is an extreamly full-featured PBX implemented in software. Asterisk runs on most Linux distributions. Voice-over-IP features are included on top of traditional PBX functions such as Voicemail, Conferences, Call-parking, and Music-on-hold. Free download (Linux only)


PC Client Software



Perhaps the best Email client around with build-in pop-up blocking, spam blocking and image blocking. Free download




Similiar to IE, but faster without the extensive security problems. Free download

US Dept of Homeland Security now recommends that users NOT USE Internet Explorer and switch to alternative browsers such as Firefox.




Compare Adobe Photoshop at $649 with the Gimp at $0. The Gimp includes most Photoshop functions except native CYMK support for pre-Press work. Free download


Server Software

Operating System

SuSE Linux
SuSE Linux

Nearly all the functions of Windows Server, with dozens of extra free compenents. See the license price comparison between a SuSE system and a Windows XP system. Free Live-Eval version

TinySofa Enterprise Linux

An easy to manage Linux distribution featuring debian, "apt" style updates. Included many server packages appropriate for the Enterprise, without all the extra packages included in the major distributions.


Intranet Portal

Plone Portal on Zope Server

Our preferred platform for Intranets, Portals, and Content Management Systems. Plone and/or Zope is used by NASA JPL, the Mars rover site, CBS New York and many other high profile sites. Free download




PostgreSQL is an Enterprise Database almost as powerful as Oracle, but for a small fraction of the price. Integrates well with MsExcel and MsAccess giving them Enterprise class functionality without the cost of MsSQL server. Free download (UNIX/Linux only)


Software Configuration Management


Perforce SCM

Perforce Fast SCM is a client/server software configuration management system. Highly recommended upgrade for PVCS users. In many cases Clearcase users can speed up operations by 10X or more and reduce administration costs with Perforce. Free 2 user working demo (All operating systems supported)