Innovative IT and Telecom solutions and support for your business

We provide clients opportunities to reduce startup and ongoing licensing costs through and optimum mix of Microsoft and competing Open Source technologies. Our small group of consultants specialize in Servers, low-cost diskless workstations, web-based applications and portals, and telephone PBX systems ( including Voice-Over-IP ).

Software Development

Software Configuration Management


We work with your organization to improve your Software Configuration Management (SCM) process utilizing state of the art tools and procedures. Over 20 years experience with various tools and processes ranging from Safety critical avionics to large team industrial software.

Some of our SCM solutions are the lowest cost in the business. Remember the market leader for SCM may not have the best tools for your organization. The best fit for your company must be evaluated.

SCM Best Practices
  • Provide management consulting related to SCM best practices.
  • Provide management consulting in parallel development, branching and merging.
  • Automate Code review process within the SCM system.
Perforce Installation, Training and support
  • Provide initial setup and training for Perforce SCM installations
  • Recommend, develop, and install 3rd party SCM tools that work with Perforce SCM
Automated Build Tools

Experience shows that developer builds are often not reliable. Instead of involving QA person ell in every build, why not automated the process so that official code build occur automatically on a designated machine with results emailed or placed on the web.


Project Management

PM tools and process solutions

The use of Microsoft Project may be great for planning, but does not adequately show the reason for project slips, or advanced warning of known problems. Migration to a web-based Project Dashboard style reporting structure allows this information to be captured and made available to senior management over the Intranet. We use Open-Source tools for this having no per-seat licensing costs.