Innovative IT and Telecom solutions and support for your business

We provide clients opportunities to reduce startup and ongoing licensing costs through and optimum mix of Microsoft and competing Open Source technologies. Our small group of consultants specialize in Servers, low-cost diskless workstations, web-based applications and portals, and telephone PBX systems ( including Voice-Over-IP ).

Telecom Support

Wiring and Installation

Premisis Wiring

We provide a one stop solution for wiring, equipment selection and installation for your small business telecom needs. Both traditional Nortel solutons and the newer Asterisk PBX solutions are supported. Some examples of work include:

  • Installation and wiring for Nortel ICS phone system.
  • Installation and support for the Asterisk PBX
Converged Analog/VOIP/VMail/Email solutions

We install and support the latest software based Asterisk PBX systems that have finally made PBX's affordable for small business with hardware costs starting at under $1000. Asterisk supports integration of newer Voice-over-IP calling with your traditional analog phones lines, as well as supporting unlimited number of voice mailboxes, music-on-hold, and other professional features. Features supported by Asterisk include:

  • Continue to use your existing analog phones with all features
  • Least cost routing with VOIP, with fallback to traditional analog trunks
  • Custom Interactive Voice response Menus ( For directions, Push 1 )
  • Call queueing for customer service lines
  • Ring your cell phone simultaneously with your business line
  • Conference calls
  • Use WiFi phones on-premisis to eliminate cell-phone charges or poor reception.
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