Perforce installation, training and consulting

We provide a complete range of on-site Perforce services including initial recomendations for hardware through installation, training, and follow-on consulting. We help with migration from other SCM systems to get you up and running as soon as possible, along with integratation or recomendations for defect tracking software.

All Perforce consulting work is performed strictly by Lee Marzke, a Perforce Consulting Partner

Lee's background includes:

  • 7 years experience with Perforce, 15 years with various SCM systems.
  • 15+ years experience with embedded safety critical avionics software( entire life-cycle )
  • Experience with software development in groups ranging from 2 to 75 developers
  • Extensive experience with both Windows and Linux with some Solaris UNIX experience.
  • SCM experience with Perforce PVCS, RCS, and SCCS/Teamware
  • Defect tracking integration with Bugzilla using P4DTI. Custom defect tracking integration with DDTS
  • Custom Perforce applications for code review and automated build support

Other Software and SCM Experience

Lee has related experience with the Plone/Zope Content management systems, and has written various project management and SCM reporting applications for this environment. Lee is also an experienced Linux system adminstator with extensive knowledge of networking and postgreSQL database administration.

Contact Info

Perforce Client Support

Lee Marzke
Collegeville, PA
Voice: +1 800 393 5217  Toll-Free USA