Howto: Getting the Zultys ZIP 2 IP phone to work with Asterisk


This HOWTO explains the basics of getting the new Zyltys ZIP 2 IP phone working with Asterisk as an internal extension, but it may also work with the ZIP 5x2 phone. The ZIP 4x2 phone does not yet have a web interface at this date so it would have to be configured via tftp.

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Note: As of 2/2005, the current software release for the ZIP 2 does not understand SIP notification events for the the message waiting indicator. ( This seems to have been an Asterisk problem, it is now working with Asterisk v1.2)

This procecedure was tested with Asterisk 1.0.5 running on TinySofa Enterprise server 2.0, but any OS that compiles Asterisk should be fine.



The ZIP 2 phone comes with a default IP of If this IP in in your network, you can skip ahead to the web configuration section below.

Before putting the phone into DHCP mode, look at your Routers DHCP lease table and record the current entries. To switch the phone into DHCP mode do the following, then find it's IP be refreshing your Routers DHCP lease table and looking for the new entry.

  1. Power ON phone
  2. Push and hold the 1 button
  3. Power OFF, the Power ON, the phone
  4. Continue holding 1 button until yellow speaker light flashes

This procedure also resets the phone to it's default configuration settings. When programming below make sure to not initially configure any VLAN settings until the phone is properly working.

Web configuration

Point your Browser to http://IPaddress/ of your phone from above.

On the LAN page, LAN setting tab program IP info as follows:

   Fixed LAN configuration = CHECKED
   IP address = Phone's IP
   Netmask    = Your LAN's netmask
   Gateway    = Your LAN's gateway
   DNS server = Your LAN's DNS server, or ISP's DNS
   Hostname   = Phones hostname
   Domain     = Your LAN's domain name

   TFTP Override = Must set some IP, but we don't use it.

After saving this info, wait 30 seconds, close your browser, and open a new browser to the new IP setting of the phone.

our 1st phone is going to be Extension 301

On the SIP page, SIP setting tab program as follows:

   Server Address = IP address of Asterisk
   Port           = 5060
   Domain Name    =
   Send Registration = UNCHECKED   ( must be OFF for static IP! )
   Send Backup Regisgtration = UNCHECKED

   DialPlan       = x.T|x.#|*x.T|*x.#     (Default)
   Transport      = UDP                   (Default)

   Phone     CallerIDName      Port  AECON   Username   Password
               301             5060    ON      301       qoy7b


On the SIP page, OOBSignalling setting tab program as follows:

   OutofBand Telephone Events    = RFC 2833

On the Codecs page program as follows:

    G729    = CHECKED

    All Silence suppression  =  OFF

On the System page program as follows:

Set a password for the phone, and optionally set an NTP server

Finally, Goto the RESET page, and run the Reset and Run Main Application option. IMPORTANT, after changing any setting in the SIP phone it seems you need to reboot the phone before Asterisk sees the changes !

Asterisk Configuration

This assumes you already have asterisk up and running, and that the default SIP configuration ( from src/asterisk/configs/sip.conf.sample ) has been copied to /etc/asterisk

Add the following changes to /etc/asterisk/sip.conf

context=from-internal           ( context for your internal extensions )
host=                   ( Phones static IP )
;defaultip=                     ( Not needed with static host )
nat=no                          (Asterisk and Phone on same LAN)
callerid="First Last" <301>

Also don't forget to add an extension context to /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

exten  =>  301,1,Dial(SIP/301,20,r)


  • VLAN settings
  • Paging
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